"Life is like a camera. You Focus on whats Important, Capture the Good times, Develop from the Negative, and if things don't work out, Take another Shot."

Career Highlights :


  • CHA ( Certified Horsemanship Association) since 2009
  • Clinics with Leslie Law, Matt Ryan, William Fox-Pitt, Paul Dufrense, Jil Walton
  • 2013 CamAm Intermediate Team
  • Competed to CIC* level placing 3rd
  • Finished top 10 at Rebbecca Farms Montana 2013 Open Intermediate
  • Galaxy's owner and Trained by Tamara Received Horse od the Year @PRDA 2015
  • Ranch- Man First place Plaque team sorting 2007


From a young age Tamara has always had an interest in animals, but her heart belonged on her family's Hobbie farm, with her first horse, which she and her mother purchased from Fraser Valley Auctions, when they had both sworn they were 'only looking'. 

Before this purchase that would change the course of Tamara's life, she had a well establish background in Trail riding and taking camps at Webb's Holiday Acres. Her horse involvement became a constant focus when she was 10 years old and left Gymnastic to pursue Vaulting, Achieving her bronze medal at age 12, she was the youngest vaulter to preform Gold medal acrobatics on horseback.  There was not a moment she didn't eat, sleep and breath for farm life. Naturally, when still in school Tamara was gearing her life toward becoming a first class horse woman. She enrolled in Olds Agricultural College, taking Business Management as her Minor,  and Equine Science as her  Major, receiving a scholarship for high academic standings. 

People took notice of her talent and she was scouted to ride and train for the Saddlebred team to compete in the 2008 Telus battle of the breeds. The team finish fifth overall, even though Tamara was in a tragic charting accident that left her heading into surgery.  Head strong and determine Tamara made a full recovery, and finish her college diploma with honors. 

Her ability to learn and overcoming challenges, is what drove her to become a certified instructor. Travelling to Silverton, Oregon, to be a CHA certified coach early in her career. She loves to teach and you can tell with the passion she puts into her training and lesson programs, driving her students forward to excellence. Teaching them never to give up. 

From 2009- 2015 she worked with a leading veterinary at Kleider Veterinary Services. Expanding her knowledge in husbandry, and veterinary care.  Providnig her with a solid foundation of horse husbandry, and becoming First Aid Ceritified for Horses and her students. Her involvement in the Equine industry is ever growing and changing. She remains kind at heart and always loving to her most respected clients, her horses. 

"Have Courage and Be Kind."- GGC Motto


BE BRAVE!  Every day is a Second Chance!

BE BRAVE! Every day is a Second Chance!

Have fun!

This is My horse Galaxy, Shown as ‘Tenacious Spirit’. I have had her from September of 2000 when she was 2 yrs old. This is a video when she was in foal, and her first winter in Alberta.
— December 2008



Never forget where you came from, how you started, and who you made friends with along the way. For when you are a success its those building blocks of little successes that got you to where you are now. Let the failures help you learn, and let time take you down your road, follow your arrow where ever it points.
— Tamara Blondin